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Frontend Stuff #1

31.08.2019 - 03.09.2019. A collection of articles, tutorials, news and code on all things HTML, CSS and JS.

Table of Contents:

  1. HTML / CSS Articles
  2. JavaScript Articles
  3. Other Articles
  4. Github Repositories
  5. Youtube Videos

HTML / CSS Articles

JavaScript Articles

Other Articles

Github Repositories

  • TypeLighterJS

    Take a stride into the world of dynamic and appealing typewriters. You can be sure that you will never even think of looking back.

    Edern Clemente
  • React-Native-Dots-Pagination

    A simple dot paging for React Native.

  • Tabs Navigation UI

    HTML/CSS/JS Tabs experiment.

    Natalia Davydova
  • Micro Twitter

    Really tiny twitter built with pure JavaScript.

    Igor Luiz Halfeld

Youtube Videos

  • Chrome 77 - What’s New in DevTools

    Copy element’s style, Visualize layouts shifts, Lighthouse 5.1 in the Audits panel, OS theme syncing, Keyboard shortcut for opening the Breakpoint Editor, Prefetch cache in Network panel, Private properties when viewing objects, Notifications and push messages in the Application panel.

    Google Chrome Developers
  • The Future of Fonts

    Do we need more fonts? Is font technology evolving? How to pick the best font for the job? What lies ahead in font design? These questions and many others will be adressed, along with an overall look at the best practices in the industry and Natanael's experience and perspective.

    Coding Tech
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