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22 jQuery Carousel Plugins

Collection of free jQuery carousel plugins for content and images.

Demo image: Slick
Made by
  • Ken Wheeler
Github activity
  • 20383 stars
  • 592 watchers
About the plugin


The last carousel you'll ever need.

  • Fully responsive. Scales with its container
  • Separate settings per breakpoint
  • Uses CSS3 when available. Fully functional when not
  • Swipe enabled. Or disabled, if you prefer
  • Desktop mouse dragging
  • Infinite looping.
  • Fully accessible with arrow key navigation
  • Add, remove, filter & unfilter slides
  • Autoplay, dots, arrows, callbacks, etc..
Demo image: Owl Carousel 2
Made by
  • OwlCarousel2
Github activity
  • 5104 stars
  • 290 watchers
About the plugin

Owl Carousel 2

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create a beautiful responsive carousel slider.

  • Fully Customisable. Over 60 options. Easy for novice users and even more powerful for advanced developers
  • Touch and Drag Support. Designed specially to boost mobile browsing experience. Mouse drag works great on desktop too!
  • Fully Responsive. Almost all options are responsive and include very intuitive breakpoints settings
  • Modern Browsers. Owl uses hardware acceleration with CSS3 Translate3d transitions. Its fast and works like a charm!
  • Zombie Browsers. CSS2 falback supported for older browser
  • Modules and Plugins. Owl Carousel supports plugin modular structure. Therefore, you can dettach plugins that you wont use on project or create new ones that fit your needs
Demo image: Flickity
Made by
  • David DeSandro
Github activity
  • 4255 stars
  • 128 watchers
About the plugin


Touch, responsive, flickable carousels.

Demo image: jCarousel
Made by
  • Jan Sorgalla
Github activity
  • 2003 stars
  • 119 watchers
About the plugin


jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order. It provides a full-featured and flexible toolset for navigating any HTML based content in a carousel-like fashion.

Demo image: Killer Carousel
Made by
  • Star Plugins
Github activity
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About the plugin

Killer Carousel

Powerful, responsive, touch-enabled carousel for modern websites and devices, plus legacy browser support.

  • Rendering modes - Choose different ways of displaying your content, 2d/3d, 'Cover Flow', HTML slides etc
  • Touch-enabled - Quickly swipe through carousels on touch-enabled devices
  • Extra responsive - Not just size adjustment; rendering modes and effects are changed to suit the target device
  • Full HTML carousel items - Use full HTML content, Canvas, etc., not just images
  • Reflections and shadows - Add a sense of depth and realism to your carousels
  • Legacy browser support - Old browsers switch to rendering modes matched to their capabilities
  • Infinite or finite carousels - Allow users to loop forever or stop at each end
  • Callbacks and API calls - Allows developers to add their own behaviour
Demo image: Glide
Made by
  • Jędrzej Chałubek
Github activity
  • 1723 stars
  • 90 watchers
About the plugin


Touch-friendly jQuery carousel slider. Designed to slide. No less, no more.

  • BEM. Easy integration and theming due to the SASS/LESS styles based on the BEM methodology.
  • Lightweight. Modular structure provides excellent compression. It weighs only ~14kB.
  • Flexible. Friendly API, functional HTML attributes and richness in options, makes it easy to build customized sliders.
Demo image: jQuery lightSlider
Made by
  • Sachin N
Github activity
  • 1536 stars
  • 89 watchers
About the plugin

jQuery lightSlider

JQuery lightSlider is a lightweight responsive content slider with carousel thumbnails navigation.

  • Fully responsive - will adapt to any device
  • Separate settings per breakpoint
  • Gallery mode to create an image slideshow with thumbnails
  • Supports swipe and mouseDrag
  • Add or remove slides dynamically
  • Small file size, fully themed, simple to implement
  • CSS transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Full callback API and public methods
  • Auto play and infinite loop to create a content carousel
  • Keyboard, arrows and dots navigation
  • Multiple instances on one page
  • Slide anything (youtube, vimeo , google map ...)
Demo image: ItemSlide.js
Made by
  • itemslide
Github activity
  • 616 stars
  • 45 watchers
About the plugin


A simple and beautiful jQuery touch carousel.

  • Touch swiping
  • Mousewheel scrolling
  • The ability to "swipe out" slides
  • Centered carousel or left sided (default is centered)
Demo image: Elastislide
Made by
  • Codrops
Github activity
  • 375 stars
  • 35 watchers
About the plugin


Elastislide is a responsive image carousel that will adapt fluidly in a layout. It is a jQuery plugin that can be laid out horizontally or vertically with a pre-defined minimum number of shown images.

Demo image: Flexisel
Made by
  • 9bitStudios
Github activity
  • 370 stars
  • 31 watchers
About the plugin


A responsive carousel jQuery plugin.

  • Flexisel will adapt responsively as the screen width gets smaller
  • You can also change the number of items shown depending on the screen width
  • Other options include autoplay, animation speed when scrolling right and left, initial number of visible items, and more
Demo image: rcarousel
Made by
  • Wojtek Ryrych
Github activity
  • 183 stars
  • 17 watchers
About the plugin


Yet another jQuery UI carousel.

Demo image: Cloud 9 Carousel
Made by
  • Ildar Sagdejev
Github activity
  • 128 stars
  • 13 watchers
About the plugin

Cloud 9 Carousel

High performance 3D-perspective carousel for jQuery.

  • Easy to use
  • Reflections (via reflection.js)
  • Mouse wheel support (via mousewheel plugin)
  • Rotate clicked item to front
  • Auto-play
  • Smooth animation via requestAnimationFrame with fixed-FPS fallback mode
  • GPU acceleration through CSS transforms (support detected automatically)
  • Create multiple instances
  • Items can be any HTML element
  • Convenient event callbacks
Demo image: ResponsiveCarousel
Made by
  • Basilio Cáceres
Github activity
  • 112 stars
  • 11 watchers
About the plugin


Simple and friendly responsive carousel plugin for jQuery.

  • Items adapts responsively
  • Accept any type of content
  • Single or multiple visible elements
  • Multiple galleries in one page
  • AutoRotate option
  • Swipe and keyboard navigation by default
  • Allows linked galleries
Demo image: 3D Prespective Carousel

3D Prespective Carousel

Vivekk Upadhyay github page

A simple carousel based on CSS3 and jQuery. Slides being manipulated using CSS3 for the transform animation and jQuery working as a helping hand in there.

Demo image: Floating Carousel

Floating Carousel

EdamL github page

Floating Carousel is a dependency-free Javascript carousel which is intended to be clean and intuitive without the need for controls. The carousel is navigated by relative movement of the cursor (or the user's finger in the case of touch devices) over the carousel element. Moving the cursor toward either end of the carousel causes the content to scroll in the opposite direction - the scroll speed increasing the further the cursor is moved in either direction.

Demo image: jQuery Vertical Carousel

jQuery Vertical Carousel

Paddu Raghavan github page

A simple, easily customizable and lightweight vertical carousel plugin using jQuery.

Demo image: jQuery Accessible Carrousel Using ARIA

jQuery Accessible Carrousel Using ARIA

Nicolas Hoffmann github page demo

This jQuery plugin will transform a simple list of div’s and hx into a fantastic-shiny carrousel system, using ARIA.

Demo image: Carousel-3d


PAIO github page demo

A simple 3D carousel widget. It supports all major browsers including IE8,9 with best effort. Full 3D effect requires css transform3d support browsers. And this widget works with not only images but any html elements as child.

Demo image: jQuery Flip Carousel

jQuery Flip Carousel

Ethan Herr github page demo

Flip Carousel is an alternative to an image/content carousel. Instead of sliding or cross-fading content, it flips like a set of cards on a table. It will continually append content behind the scenes with respect to the direction you are flipping. It uses lots of cool CSS3 transitions and animations, and no JS animation.

Demo image: PaW Carousel

PaW Carousel

Shaun Morrison github page demo

Infinite, responsive, lightweight jQuery plugin.

Demo image: Microfiche.js


With Associates github page demo

A carousel library made With Associates, focusing on performance, simplicity and touch.

Demo image: jQuery Rondell

jQuery Rondell

Sebastian Helzle github page demo

A jQuery plugin for displaying stuff in a highly customizable carousel.

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