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19 jQuery Color Picker Plugins

Collection of free jQuery color picker plugins.

Demo image: Very Simple jQuery Color Picker
Made by
  • Tanguy Krotoff
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  • 374 stars
  • 24 watchers
About the plugin

Very Simple jQuery Color Picker

Yet another jQuery color picker. This plugin is unobtrusive and integrates well with Twitter Bootstrap (it works just fine without). The source code only requires jQuery and is about 200 lines of JavaScript and 100 lines of CSS.

Demo image: Colpick Color Picker
Made by
  • Jose Vargas
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  • 287 stars
  • 22 watchers
About the plugin

Colpick Color Picker

Colpick is a simple Photoshop-style color picker jQuery plugin. It's interface is familiar for most users and it's also very lightweight loading less than 30 KB to the browser.

  • No images! Just a JS and a CSS file
  • Very intuitive Photoshop-like interface
  • Light and dark easy-to-customize CSS3 skins
  • 28 KB total loaded by the browser
  • Extremely easy to implement
Demo image: Pick-a-Color: A jQuery Color Picker For Twitter Bootstrap
Made by
  • Lauren
Github activity
  • 245 stars
  • 23 watchers
About the plugin

Pick-a-Color: A jQuery Color Picker For Twitter Bootstrap

There are some great color picker plugins out there, but most cater to the needs of techies and designers, providing complicated controls to access every color imaginable.

Pick-a-Color is designed to be easy for anyone to use. The interface is based on Twitter Bootstrap styles so it looks lovely with the styles of almost any site.

  • Flexible text entry: Accepts HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, HSVA, and names
  • Saved colors: Saves up to 16 recently used colors. Colors are stored in localStorage or cookies
  • Advanced: Advanced tab lets users modify hue, saturation, and lightness to make any color their hearts desire
  • Basic color palette: Easy-to-use preset colors that can be lightened and darkened
  • Chunky mobile styles: Dragging is easy, even on a touch device
  • Simple initialization: As little as one line of HTML and one line of JavaScript
Demo image: TinyColorPicker
Made by
  • Peter Dematté
Github activity
  • 236 stars
  • 15 watchers
About the plugin


Looking for mobile first, tiny foot print, fast, scaleable, flexible, pluggable and a rich color model... This small (5.07KB gZip, 11.39KB minified, no extra HTML, images or css needed) HSB colorpicker is based on a subset of colors.js from it's big brother colorPicker for a precise and rich color model, supports all modern features like touch and MS pointer, GPU accelerated rendering, battery friendly requestAnimationFrame and provides a lot of hooks for developers to write plugins or extend the UI.

Demo image: Really Simple Color Picker
Made by
  • Lakshan Perera
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  • 177 stars
  • 11 watchers
About the plugin

Really Simple Color Picker

This is a very minimal, yet robust color picker based on jQuery.

Demo image: JQuery Palette Color Picker
Made by
  • Carlos Cabo
Github activity
  • 60 stars
  • 7 watchers
About the plugin

JQuery Palette Color Picker

JS component to pick colors from a predefined/restricted palette.

Demo image: Small Color Picker
Made by
  • antelle
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  • 15 stars
  • 3 watchers
About the plugin

Small Color Picker

SmallColorPicker is a tiny jQuery color picker. Also the project includes buttons styles for color selection.

  • Color wheel and text input modes
  • Minimalistic popup interface
  • Old (previous) and new (current) color display
  • Color buttons which will automatically change its color
  • Popup and static positioning
  • Text input of colors in natural language
  • Touch devices support
  • Multi-target popup mode (if initialized with several buttons, only one picker will be visible)
  • Retina graphics
Demo image: ColorPick.js
Made by
  • Phil Zet
Github activity
  • 8 stars
  • 2 watchers
About the plugin


ColorPick.js is a simple and minimal jQuery color picker plugin for the modern web.

  • The recently used colors are automatically saved to local storage
  • Simplicity of integration
  • Gorgeous modern design that will suit almost every website
Demo image: Named Color Picker
Made by
  • ‹›
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  • 2 stars
  • 1 watchers
About the plugin

Named Color Picker

The named color picker takes a somewhat different approach to choosing a color. Instead of a color spectrum/wheel, colors are selected from a fullscreen grid by name, or searched for in a dropdown, also by name.

Demo image: Video Color Picker
Made by
  • wendychengc
Github activity
  • 1 stars
  • 1 watchers
About the plugin

Video Color Picker

A tool to pick up the Color Value within any frame from a HTML5 Video. Support both Vue.js and jQuery.

Noticed that your video resource host need to allow CORS, otherwise you cannot use getPixelColor on your canvas, and the project won't work.

Demo image: Colpick RemiX
Made by
  • Salvatore Peluso
Github activity
  • 1 stars
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About the plugin

Colpick RemiX

Photoshop-like jQuery color picker plugin with various skins and layouts, touch, and responsive.

  • Photoshop-like interface
  • Supports RGB, HSB, Hexadecimal, and HSL (partially)
  • Supports alpha channel (opacity)
  • 3 Variants: Standard, Small, and Extra Large
  • 4 Skins: 2 Main-skins: Light and Dark. 2 Sub-skins: Standard (with transparent background), and Full (with opaque background)
  • ​6 Layouts: 3 Main-layouts: Full, only RGB + Hexadecimal, only Hexadecimal. 2 Sub-layouts: with or without the Select button
  • Compact Layout: Makes the layouts more compact, to save space
  • Responsive
  • Supports Touch
  • Easy to implement and customize
Demo image: Colorpickle
Made by
  • Hape Haavikko
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About the plugin


Colorpickle is a free color picker plugin for jQuery. While the support for color input type is getting better all the time, not all browsers support it and most native browser and OS color pickers are pretty crappy. Colorpickle to the rescue!

Demo image: Purty Picker

Purty Picker

Jayden Seric github page demo

A super lightweight visual HSL, RGB and hex color picker with a responsive, touch-friendly and customizable UI. Compatible with jQuery or Zepto.

Demo image: Wheel Color Picker Plugin For jQuery

Wheel Color Picker Plugin For jQuery

fujaru github page demo

The Wheel Color Picker plugin adds color picker functionality to HTML input element in round color wheel style. The Wheel Color Picker can be displayed as a popup dialog as users focus the input, or embedded inline.

Demo image: jQuery asColorPicker

jQuery asColorPicker

TheCreation github page

A jQuery plugin that convent input into color picker.

Demo image: wColorPicker.js


Rob github page demo

A jQuery color picker plugin with various effects for showing and hiding the color picker. Also comes with an option to set a clickable button to trigger effects.

Demo image: Simple Color Picker

Simple Color Picker

Rachel Carvalho github page demo

A simple color picker jQuery plugin that appears as the user focuses the input.

Demo image: jQuery Simple Color

jQuery Simple Color

Dave Perrett github page

jQuery Simple Color is a very simple color-picker plugin that displays a square grid of selectable colors. I found a lot of the other color-picker plugins quite heavy, so I ended up writing this to provide a dead-simple alternative. The list of colors it uses can be customized, and the layout size etc can be configured to a certain extent.

Demo image: Colorwheel


John Weir github page demo

A JavaScript color picker. The wheel is drawn using the Raphael.js library. jQuery is used to assist with events. The wheel size is set on creation. It supports a small set of callbacks and touch events.

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