Collection of free web and native React tabs: horizontal, vertical.

23 React Tabs

Collection of free web and native React tabs: horizontal, vertical.

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  1. React Web Tabs
  2. React Native Tabs

React Web Tabs

Demo image: react-tiny-tabs


Ignacio Chavez |

github page demo page

Easy to use tab component for React with basic options to skin and change layout.

Demo image: react-re-super-tabs


Bartłomiej Potaczek |

github page demo page

React reusable tab component.

Demo image: react-web-tabs


Marcus Lindfeldt |

github page demo page

Declarative, modular and accessible React tabs component.

Demo image: react-accessible-tabs


Matt Stow |

github page demo page

An accessible React tabs component.

Demo image: material-tabs


Oliver Fencott |

github page

A simple React package that provides the Material Design tab component.

Demo image: react-tabs-navigation


Pep Rodeja |

github page demo page

react-tabs-navigation is a nice react component that enables navigation through tabs in your web app.

Demo image: react-tabtab


Jack Hou |

github page demo page

A mobile support, draggable, editable and api based tab for ReactJS.

Demo image: react-aria-tabpanel


David Clark |

github page demo page

A fully accessible, extravagantly flexible, React-powered tab panel component.

Demo image: react-tabbordion


Vesa Piittinen |

github page demo page

Universal, semantic and accessible React state managing components for creating accordions and tabs.

Demo image: react-draggable-tab


Takeharu.Oshida |

github page demo page

Atom like draggable tab react component.

Demo image: faster-react-tabs


Edenspiekermann |

github page demo page

Faster React tabs is a flexible and context-agnostic React component used to render accessible and simple tabs.

Demo image: react-swipe-views


Damien Varron |

github page demo page

A React component for binded tabs and swipeable views.

Demo image: react-tabs


React Community |

github page demo page

An accessible and easy tab component for ReactJS.

React Native Tabs

Demo image: m-tabs


react-component |

github page demo page

React mobile tabs component (web & react-native).

Demo image: react-native-material-tabs


Kyle Roach |

github page

Material Design implementation of tabs.

Demo image: react-native-tab-view


React Native Community |

github page

A cross-platform tab view component for React Native. This is a JavaScript-only implementation of swipeable tab views. It's super customizable, allowing you to do things like coverflow.

Demo image: react-native-tabbar


sincethere |

github page

Demo image: react-native-tabbar-navigator


DickyT |

github page

A component which builds excellent Navigator + TabBar based application, have a good solution for implementing hidesBottomBarWhenPushed in iOS.

Demo image: react-native-tabs


Pavel Aksonov |

github page

React Native platform-independent tabs. Could be used for bottom tab bars as well as sectioned views (with tab buttons).

Demo image: react-native-tab-navigator


HappyPancake |

github page

A tab bar that switches between scenes, written in JS for cross-platform support. It works on iOS and Android. This component is compatible with React Native 0.16 and newer.

Demo image: react-native-tabbar


Ali Najafizadeh |

github page

React-Native tab bar with more freedom.

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