Collection of free React.js timepickers.

Demo image: basic-react-timepicker


Luke Wilson |

github page demo page

A really simple timepicker dropdown component that lets you set the gap (step) between times, set earliest and latest limits for your range, attach a change handler and set a default value.

Demo image: react-gradient-timepicker


Rahul Dhawani |

github page demo page

A beautiful timepicker component built in and for awesome React.

Demo image: react-circular-timepicker


Andrii Ulianenko |

github page demo page

React component of circular timespan-picker. New convinient UI control to pick up a short time periods during a day.

Demo image: react-native-timepicker


Rokas Milasevicius |

github page

React native custom timepicker (24 hours format) for iOS.

Demo image: react-timepicker


Radosław Miernik |

github page demo page

React timepicker in Android KitKat style.