Post thumbnail: HTML DEL and INS with CSS


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Speed code: Quote with HTML del and ins tags and CSS for hover effect. Code by Tony Banik.

Post thumbnail: HTML and CSS Accessible Medium Tag Selector Form

HTML and CSS Accessible Medium Tag Selector Form

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Speed code: Accessible Medium tag selector form. Medium’s homepage currently allows you to select a list of topics to get you started when creating an account. At the time of this the elements are just a collection of divs that prevent keyboard users with interacting with the interface. This uses checkboxes to fix the issue.

Post thumbnail: CSS 3D Button

CSS 3D Button

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Speed code: CSS 3d button with hover and active effect. Made with ::before pseudo-element, transform-style: preserve-3d and transform: translate3d();.

Post thumbnail: Simple CSS Social Card

Simple CSS Social Card

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Simple social card in HTML and CSS with hexagon Material Icon. Used pseudo elements ::before and ::after, Flexbox, position: absolute, linear-gradient(), transition and etc.

Post thumbnail: Simple CSS Toggle Switch

Simple CSS Toggle Switch

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HTML and CSS animation for toggle switch used in Adobe products.