Collection of free Sublime Text UI themes (dark, light and other). Update of February 2019 collection. 3 new items.

Demo image: Theme - DAneo


  • Sublime Text Packages

Set of themes

  • Classic
  • Elegant
  • Minimal
  • Origin
  • Sodish
  • Sublime

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Theme - DAneo

Theme - DAneo is an adaptive theme for Sublime Text 3 inspired by the popular DA UI.

Demo image: GitHub Sublime Text Theme


  • Mauro Reis Vieira

Set of themes

  • -

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GitHub Sublime Text Theme

Demo image: Earthbound Themes


  • Ben Busby

Set of themes

  • Earthbound
  • Moonside
  • Zombie Threed
  • Fire Spring
  • Dusty Dunes
  • Magicant
  • Cave of the Past

About a theme

Earthbound Themes

A set of unique color themes for Vim, VSCode, Atom, and Sublime. Code editor themes inspired by the memorable and bizarre locations from Earthbound (aka Mother 2).

Demo image: Guna

Made by

  • Yongchan Jeon (Kris)

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Guna is most innovative theme for Sublime Text 3. It supports various functions: conspicuous widgets (clock, weather) on sidebar, manually or adaptively tweakable theme colors, controlling status bar label by its own api.

Demo image: gruvbox

Made by

  • Brian Reilly

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gruvbox - bright theme for Sublime Text 3 with pastel 'retro groove' colors.

Demo image: Flatland

Made by

  • Pixel Lab

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Flatland is a simple theme and accompanying color scheme for Sublime Text 2 & 3. It is mostly derived from Soda, the right place to start for any custom theme development for Sublime.

Demo image: Asphalt

Made by

  • Daniele 'Orlmente' Messa

About a theme


Minimal and flat dark UI for Sublime Text 3 + custom syntax highlighting colour scheme.

  • 5 UI colour variations
  • custom UI icons (bottom panels, buttons, sidebar icons, etc.)
  • sidebar folder/files icons support (ST3 build 3062+), standard icons (bonus: JSON file type icon and .tmPreference)
  • custom syntax highlighting colour scheme
  • retina display support
Demo image: Material Theme
Made by
  • Mattia Astorino
Set of themes
  • Material Theme
  • Material Theme Palenight
  • Material Theme Darker
  • Material Theme Lighter
About a theme

Material Theme

Material Theme, the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3. This theme provide a visual configuration tool that allow you to configure a theme by activating the available options from an inline popup.

Demo image: Spacegray
Made by
  • Gadzhi Kharkharov
Set of themes
  • Spacegray
  • Spacegray Light
  • Spacegray Eighties
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A set of custom UI themes for Sublime Text 2/3. It's all about hype and minimal. Comes in different flavors with accompanying Base16 color schemes.

Demo image: Soda Theme
Made by
  • Ian Hill
Set of themes
  • Soda Light
  • Soda Dark
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Soda Theme

Dark and light custom UI themes for Sublime Text.

Demo image: ayu
Made by
  • Ike Ku
Set of themes
  • ayu dark
  • ayu mirage
  • ayu light
About a theme


ayu is a simple theme with bright colors and comes in three versions - dark, mirage and light for all day long comfortable work.

Demo image: Afterglow
Made by
  • José María Clemente
Set of themes
  • Afterglow
  • Afterglow blue
  • Afterglow magenta
  • Afterglow orange
  • Afterglow green
About a theme


Afterglow is a minimal dark Theme for Sublime Text 2 and 3. Also it is a syntax color scheme.

  • sidebar icons
  • tab height size options
  • sidebar size options
  • markdown
Demo image: Predawn
Made by
  • Jamie Wilson
Set of themes
About a theme


Predawn is a dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text.

  • tabs height
  • active tab underline
  • find & replace small size
  • sidebar height
  • sidebar width
  • markdown
  • file icons
Demo image: Cobalt 2
Made by
  • Wes Bos
Set of themes
About a theme

Cobalt 2

A refined colour scheme that is easy on the eyes and takes small UI elements into account. Includes full Sublime Text theme (sidebar, search, tabs, etc...) as well as support for SublimeLinter, git diffing and a growing number of plugins.

Demo image: Brogrammer
Made by
  • Ken Wheeler
Set of themes
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Brogrammer is a flat Sublime Text theme.

Demo image: Theme - itg.flat
Made by
  • Kevin Altman
Set of themes
  • Dark
  • Light
About a theme

Theme - itg.flat

A flat theme for Sublime Text that supports both retina and non-retina.

Demo image: Centurion
Made by
  • Allan Hortle
Set of themes
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A clean cut UI theme for Sublime Text.

Demo image: Agila Theme
Made by
  • arvi
Set of themes
  • Agila Theme
  • Agila Origin Theme
  • Agila Dracula Theme
  • Agila Monokai Theme
  • Agila Cobalt Theme
  • Agila Classic Theme
  • Agila Light Theme
  • Agila Neon Theme
About a theme

Agila Theme

Sublime Text 3 UI Theme. You can customize the UI to your liking (e.g camouflage workspace with the color scheme background, sidebar, tab, autocomplete, and scrollbar setup/color preferences)

Demo image: Gravity Theme
Made by
  • Frank Yonnetti
Set of themes
  • Gravity Theme
  • Gravity One Theme
  • Reverse Gravity Theme
About a theme

Gravity Theme

Sublime Text 3 dark and light theme that feels at home on macOS.

Demo image: Cyanide
Made by
  • lefoy
Set of themes
  • Cyanide
  • Twilightcyanide colorscheme
  • Acid theme
  • Alert theme
  • Golden theme
  • Love theme
  • Mint theme
  • Purple theme
  • Salmon theme
  • Sky theme
  • Wood theme
About a theme


A minimal dark theme for Sublime Text 3.

  • sidebar file type icons
  • Centurion theme sidebar folder icons
  • Afterglow theme sidebar folder icons
  • Spacefunk theme sidebar folder icons
  • tabs height: large or medium
  • custom UI font
  • large scrollbars
Demo image: DA UI
Made by
  • Ihor Oleksandrov
Set of themes
About a theme


DA UI is a set of beautiful, clean, elegant interface and syntax themes for Sublime Text 3. It brings you the most flexible way to customize the look and feel of your text editor.

  • unlimited variations
  • powerful options
  • more than adaptive
  • first-class syntax highlighting